Tally ho!

I swore this year would be different and I would write more here. We’ll see how long that little endeavor can last. I don’t really have anything of significance to write about, but it seems as though nothing I have ever written about is of any real significance anyway. And yet I’ve been able to somewhat sustain the content of this blog, so I guess not much has changed.

I feel a bit like a fraud when I go through my Google Reader because I subscribe to Neil Gaiman‘s blog, and the thing is, I’ve never read a single book by Neil Gaiman. I haven’t even seen Coraline. The most I can say is I’ve watched Stardust and I’ve read some of his short stories. And all that is really irrelevant when it comes down to the embarrassing fact that I haven’t even tried to read one of his (many) novels.

I guess I’ve found yet another (unofficial) resolution.

But anyway, the point of even bringing this up is that I really like the way Neil Gaiman goes about blogging. It’s like, he knows it’s an online blog and he doesn’t try to make it more than that. He is always sincere and it makes him seem all the more real, even with the knowledge that he’s this well-respected, largely successful author. And regardless of how busy he is, he manages to write something. Hm.

And then there’s Betsy Lerner (this crazily impressive editor/literary agent/author) who not only keeps up with her blog in spite of everything else she has going, but manages to make it refreshingly entertaining. She is unapologetic, honest, and unashamedly real.

There are many more writer-bloggers I humbly admire, but if I go on praising them, I’ll never get to where I was heading.  If they can do it, I have no excuse. I might not be nearly as entertaining or remotely accomplished, but I suppose that’s not the point. So, in my long-winded and completely unnecessary way, I guess I’m saying:

I plan on writing more.

Who knows what that entails! Cower in fear, my lovelies. Cower in fear.


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"Somewhere man must know that self-perception is the most frightening of all human observations. He must know that when a man faces himself, he is looking into an abyss."

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