What to do with bad days

I come back from the dentist early this morning, exhausted and numb. I miss my class and a passing car sprays me with rain water. The stormy weather does not improve the circumstances, though it seems fitting for my mood.

I become old and bitter. My neck aches from years of bad posture and my body hangs like a heavy weight. My eyes are failing me and I am haunted by noticeable signs of hair loss. Somehow my weak legs carry me up the stairs. I immediately cast off my dripping boots, shuffle out of my coat, and change into perfectly dry pajamas. My homework calls to me; my obligations fight for attention. I turn away for the sake of sanity.

I sit in bed and read The Book Thief for the rest of the day.

Somehow I am a kid again, curing my sour disposition with literature. I love how bad days can become good.


About Booki
"Somewhere man must know that self-perception is the most frightening of all human observations. He must know that when a man faces himself, he is looking into an abyss."

One Response to What to do with bad days

  1. Carla says:

    BOOKS. <3

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