Thirty-something, Forty-something

Tonight, I went to Girl’s Night at the Melting Pot with my mother and her co-workers.

I was under the impression that my younger sister would be there to provide some sort of age-balance, but the little tart ditched me for her equally young and flighty group of college freshmen. So there I was, surrounded by a group of older women and separated by a good twenty year gap. It was hilarious and terrifying and enlightening, all at the same time.

I caught a glimpse of my future tonight, and apparently it involves:

  1. Complaints about insane, irritating bosses and/or missing co-workers
  2. Scandalous gossip from within the workroom and after hours
  3. Ridiculous stories of regrettable mistakes from foolish younger years
  4. Heavy flirtation with younger (but ultimately unattractive) waiters
  5. Uninhibited consumption of one (or two or three) too many martinis

Whether this is a good or bad thing… I’ll leave that for you to decide.


Like, you know?