And we’re off!

Nearly two years have gone by since I traveled around Europe. Two years is too long. I’ve been itching for some good travel.

The last time I was in London, the Traveling Trio joined forces with C-Carlz Morla and the infamous Patrick Shin. It was lovely and wonderful and all too short.

Now, well… now the company has changed dramatically. I’ve traded a small gang of good friends for a strange, but lovable mother with a timid opinion of independent travel and a belligerent, but hilarious sister who is wildly entertaining when she’s not screeching at me for one thing or another.

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How to start again

How sad it would be if we forgot that the future we fear turns slowly into the present we detest, and the past we adore.

— Anton Chekov

Originally, I thought I was going to make this dramatic gesture of swapping this tired, old college blog for a new, shiny and enlightened post-grad version. But besides the depressing change in location, pressing realization of unemployment, and drastic lack of close friends to keep me sane, nothing has really changed.

I have a horrifying feeling that this next season is going to be a real bitch.

To cope, I’m making this my point of starting again– even if it doesn’t mean anything and even if it’s only for my own sake. I’m going to need something to do while I wait for my plans to pan out, so starting again doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. But still. The worst part about leaving and letting go is that it never really works like it should.

Oh well. We press on.