Print is not dead.

When I am older and have a proper address and steady cashflow, I will subscribe to wonderful, fun magazines like this and read them every morning over coffee. My apartment will be nicely decorated with cozy, affordable wall accents and beautifully full bookshelves. It’ll be grand.

Until then, I just thought this was worth sharing. From what I understand, it’s a stop-motion video to advertise the launch of Anthology Magazine. Pretty cute promotion, huh?

But, I admit, I’m a bit of a thief because I found it all @ The Jealous Curator. Yeah, that’s right. I steal my coolness.


Good Question

The worst part about unemployment is my 4-year-old nephew, Matthew.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the little punk. Since he and his mom have been living here, my pit of despair doesn’t seem quite so boring. Between constructing increasingly complicated train tracks, being defeated by a miniature Iron Man half my size, and learning the strange names of all the characters in Cars, I’d say my schedule is pretty full. And hey, it minimizes that all too familiar familial tension. Apparently even my stepfather realizes it’s a bad idea to fight in front of a 4-year-old.

But even so, I have to repeat it. The worst part about unemployment is Matthew.

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Protest (with) Poetry

Just recently, Chilean art collective Casagrande “bombed” Berlin with 100,000 pieces of poetry.

Organisers say that just as wartime bombings were intended to “break the morale” of the inhabitants of a city, so the poetry bombing “‘builds’ a new city by giving new meaning to events of her tragic past and therefore presenting the city in a whole new original way.”

I adore this. It’s a wonderful sentiment.┬áPlus, Berlin looks absolutely lovely. I want to go so badly.