The Social Network

It’s hard to avoid disappointment when you go into a film with as much expectation as I had going into The Social Network. I was seriously scared that, despite Aaron Sorkin being a genius writer and David Fincher being a stunning director, I would come out of the movie thinking it fell short.

I should have known better. It is so much more than just a movie about Facebook.

Everything was executed so well. They turned a bunch of people sitting around a table discussing money and lawsuits into a story as engaging and interesting as any action movie. They somehow took a socially inept, nerdy guy sitting at a computer writing code and turned him into this arrogant, rebellious character that you couldn’t help but watch. That’s talent.

I bow deeply before the genius of Aaron Sorkin because I know this is his work. It made me miss West Wing. It was so reminiscent of West Wing. I mean, for seven solid seasons, the man made political life in the White House (not the exciting stuff that happens as a result of political decisions, but the creation and execution of political decisions themselves) something everyone wanted to watch and something that was very very worthy of watching.

He did the same here and I hope it gets all the recognition it deserves. But it was definitely more than just that one thing. I loved the promotional advertising for it. I adored the trailer(s). The casting, writing, directing– so good. Everything was done with such perfect subtlety that it really made me appreciate film as an art. That sounds like such a lofty, loaded statement, but I mean it! It showcased the actors’ talents, the ease and complexity of the writing, the power of visual images. It was just rich, solid storytelling and filmmaking.

I could say more, but I don’t want to undersell or overhype it. I’d rather just say it’s a MUST SEE and leave it at that.

*Side Note: Apparently, I am not the only one.


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"Somewhere man must know that self-perception is the most frightening of all human observations. He must know that when a man faces himself, he is looking into an abyss."

One Response to The Social Network

  1. Grace says:

    well written, booki. i just saw this last night and it was genius. and the cinematography was genius. genius. hahahaha :P

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