And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.

– F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby


A reason to celebrate and another reason not to

Today I found my lost book! Just another up-side to cleaning my room. It’s a good thing I found it so soon because I hate leaving books unfinished, particularly when I’m enjoying them. I always feel guilty if I don’t.

I like my books very very much. I take good care of them– no bent corners, no stains, no ripped pages. I worry excessively when I lend them out, which is probably why I don’t make a habit of letting people borrow things. I guess I’m selfish that way. I just don’t trust other people to take care of my books unless I know they’re as careful and neurotic about their books as I am.

The worst part is when people borrow books and never return them. I hate that. I hate asking for a book back when the person hasn’t gotten to read it yet, but I hate the thought of never getting it back even more. But I’m no saint. I’ve done it a few times. I’ve checked out novels from the shelves of my middle school English classes and forgotten to check them back in. I’ve borrowed books that I ignored for years before actually reading. They’re on my shelf now. I always feel a little guilty knowing they’re not really mine. But I don’t have the chance (or the heart) to return them.

The Diary of a Disappointed Book from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.
Watch this video. It is wonderful.

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Print is not dead.

When I am older and have a proper address and steady cashflow, I will subscribe to wonderful, fun magazines like this and read them every morning over coffee. My apartment will be nicely decorated with cozy, affordable wall accents and beautifully full bookshelves. It’ll be grand.

Until then, I just thought this was worth sharing. From what I understand, it’s a stop-motion video to advertise the launch of Anthology Magazine. Pretty cute promotion, huh?

But, I admit, I’m a bit of a thief because I found it all @ The Jealous Curator. Yeah, that’s right. I steal my coolness.

Protest (with) Poetry

Just recently, Chilean art collective Casagrande “bombed” Berlin with 100,000 pieces of poetry.

Organisers say that just as wartime bombings were intended to “break the morale” of the inhabitants of a city, so the poetry bombing “‘builds’ a new city by giving new meaning to events of her tragic past and therefore presenting the city in a whole new original way.”

I adore this. It’s a wonderful sentiment. Plus, Berlin looks absolutely lovely. I want to go so badly.

“I tell you, there is much to tear the heart”


Reasons Why I Like this Commercial:

1. Behold, the other Gondry.

I liked Michel Gondry from the very first time I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Then, somewhere along the way, I saw a video of how he faked solving a Rubik’s cube with his feet. I just think  he’s cool. And he strikes me as a really intelligent, clever director, which is greatly appreciated. But this isn’t about Michel Gondry because it was actually Olivier Gondry who directed this commercial (and a bunch of  other really great commercials/music videos). I wonder if artistic vision is a hereditary trait. Some families have all the talent.

2. Wine wine, so very fine!

I never used to like wine. My mother would give me sips of it at her dinner parties and I thought adults had the worst taste buds ever. But, years later, here I am. This past Christmas, Daisy brought over a really really nice (and by nice, I mean criminally pricey) bottle of wine. Daisy is this pharmacist at the Motion Picture Hospital where my mom works. She is proud, single, and independent. She reviews fancy restaurants and travels around the world in her spare time. I am certain she lives in some quaint, well-decorated apartment full of books and wine and all sorts of things that fabulously single and well-employed people have.

So Daisy brings this legendary bottle over for dinner because she  doesn’t have children and can afford to be generous with her lavish spendings. Plus, she says wine is better with company. I don’t argue with her. She pours me a glass. She hasn’t seen me since before I turned 21; I can finally pick out my own wine glass and join the party party. But I must provide a disclaimer– I am no wine connoisseur. I’m trying to refine my tastes, but up until this point, it all tastes the same to me. I swirl it around, the dark red liquid sliding smoothly against the curve of the glass. It looks good, but I’m skeptical. Will this wine really be any different? Can my common, college-student taste buds recognize quality? I give it  one last look and raise the edge of the glass to my lips.

It was the best wine I have ever tasted in my life. So I guess now I like wine.

3. Advertising art, art advertising?

I know that we live in a dangerous consumer culture and advertisers are manipulating us with clever marketing strategies and yada yada yada. It’s easy to forget since I very rarely mention it here, but the other half of my double major is Communication. So yeah, I get it. But is it possible to enjoy a commercial, even knowing its intentions? Can advertising be stripped down to art, even as it’s trying to sell you something? I don’t know if the fact that this is a commercial takes away from the fact that it is also really lovely. It doesn’t for me.

Lately, I’ve been really into this whole art movement of taking paper and making it 3D. It’s like the page coming alive. Watch this. So in the end, I don’t really care that it targets me as a consumer or that it’s a product of good advertising. My point is, this is a great commercial– for the number of times I’ve watched it, for the way I keep remembering it later, for all the things it makes me want and wonder as I watch it. And for the fact that, in my grave procrastination, I am writing an entire blog about it.

Looks like I’m sold.

Hey diddle diddle